Life is not sustained by money → One stormy night, I was lying underneath the leaky roof of my tiny apartment, thinking. Why did I abandon the comfort and security of a cushy job at the printing company that my father owned? At that moment, I realized that I can find satisfaction in creating art anywhere - whether it be sketching caricatures of people on the street for loose change, or redesigning brands for major corporations like Coca Cola. As if that revelation was a breakthrough, the next morning my roof had collapsed from all the rain and it was time to find a new apartment.

Life is not sustained by power → I have been fortunate in my career to have graced the cover of numerous art magazines, received some design awards and featured on countless websites. Of course, I am thankful for all of this support and recognition but if this was my sole motivation, I might as well retire right now because my studio wouldn't be large enough to contain my bloated ego. Instead, I always look forward to new challenges and am eager to expand my skills by working with other talented designers.

Life is sustained by design → I imagine my life devoid of beauty and art, and I realize that it is a life not worth living. Throughout all the good and bad times, art has consistently given me a voice - a way to bring to life my thoughts and emotions. As an artist, it is my greatest aspiration and achievement if my art can affect another's life in the same positive way.

Influenced by Japanese and Hong Kong comics, American and Hong Kong films, Fung Wee's artistic inspirations are derived from a variety of cultures. His uncle had an impact on Fung Wee, encouraging him to draw at an early age. Having dabbled in watercolour, oil and acrylic paint, in his early twenties, Fung Wee soon defined himself as a comic and portrait artist. Feeling repressed artistically in Malaysia and searching for an opportunity to openly express his artistic vision, Fung Wee moved to Canada in 1993. Upon graduating from the University of Winnipeg in 1998, Fung Wee became a new media designer and working as a freelance illustrator for his own work. His work can be found on exhibit in numerous art and design related publications and galleries, and venues in North America and Europe.