Details: Issue one, entitled "Black Day to Freedom" covers issues relating to refugees, displacement and asylum seekers. Beyond™ addresses social issues via illustration, design and motion thus raising the awareness of the subject via a unique informal learning route.

Black Day to Freedom available to buy online with free p+p. Featuring the work of Richard May, Dstrukt, Alex Shoukas, Taobot, Cubemen, Renascent, Hydro 74, Niko Stumpo, Thomas Brodahl, Mauro Gatti, Fung Wee, The Ronin and many more. Exclusive DVD content featuring the short film Black Day To Freedom.

Many thanks to the Ronin - Rob Chiu for inviting me to work with him and other artists on this fantastic project.

Please support the cause!

Fanning 2007
Fanning 2007 - Guangzhou : International Fan Design Invitation Exhibition

Idea Design Magazine
FungWee Interview is featured on issue 09 of Taiwanese Idea Design magazine.
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  • Group Exhibitions

  • International Fan Design Invitation Exhibition
    Location: Fanning 2007 - Guangzhou, China
    June 23, 2007

    Location: Ann Arbor - Michigan
    March 2005

    Location: RX Gallery - San Francisco
    March - April, 2005